Turn every sale into a bigger win

Pricestack equips your team with the sale, markdown, and promo code analytics you need to craft more impactful promotions.

Earn more from sales using forecasted revenue and profit by sales discount percentage

Craft better sales

Visualize how order revenues and profits relate to discount percentages. Identify opportunities to earn more from sales.

Run promos that convert

Looking to run promotions but not ready for Pricestack Promotions? Don't fret – this capability recommends ideal generalized promotion timing and minimum order values.

Analyze time to repurchase to optimize promotional discount code targeting
WHAT makes pricestack unique

Simply sell more with sales

We analyze your promotions data and show you simple, actionable statistics

Natural Data Collection

Historical order data helps you craft better sales moving forward.

Proven Analytics Platform

Pricestack offers advanced analytics at a scale you can depend on.

Sales Suggestions You Can Trust

Pricestack recommends sales and promotion amounts and timing.

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