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Pricestack turns your team into pricing pros who see and shape your future. Sell more units, generate more sales, and earn more profit by pricing your differentiated products using behavioral data.

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Forecast pricing decisions with Pricestack

Make informed pricing decisions, not guesses

Pricing decisions should be about choosing what you want: to sell more units, generate more revenue, increase profits, or a combination of the above. With Pricestack, pricing is about making decisions, not guessing.

Monitor performance and shape your future

Ecommerce platforms neglect to share analytics on your average selling price. Pricestack equips you to visualize and track your average selling price, revenue, and profit over time.

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WHAT makes pricestack unique

Pricing Suggestions You Trust

We handle the complex data analysis and show you simple, actionable results

Natural Data Collection

Historical promos and sales data reveal shopper behavior. No additional tests or confused shoppers. Just instant results.

Proven Machine Learning Model

Humans aren't made to process intricate data at this scale. Pricestack's ML model fully understands the big picture.

Simple Results You Can Trust

Pricestack shows you recommendations that you trust and use, freeing you to focus on business decisions, not guesses.

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