Personalize promos to boost conversions

Automatically send the right discount to the right person at the right time using Pricestack Promotions: one-to-one promo codes.

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Send promo codes at the perfect time, every time

Pricestack Promotions discovers the sends unique promo codes to shoppers who need them at the times they need them. Help customers buy faster and more often than ever before.

Boost order values with personalized terms

The right discount percentage and order minimum depend on a shopper's onsite behavior and orders. Use Pricestack Promotions to personalize every discount, order minimum, and expiration date to boost order value.

WHAT makes pricestack unique

Personalized promos that convert

Pricestack automatically creates personalized promo codes at the perfect times and sends them using your preferred email or SMS solution.

Customizable Emails

You control branding. We generate and inject promo codes into your emails.

Flexible Sending

Pricestack recommends send times, but your sending flow has the final say.

Learn from Every Send

Pricestack AI learns from every send so personalizations keep getting better.

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