Restock your inventory on time, every time

Pricestack Inventory helps you sell out less while keeping your cash free to invest in growth. Receive alerts when you need to restock, relieve your inventory management pains, keep customers happy, and keep cash flows healthy.

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Receive Alerts When you need to restock SKUs

Pricestack forecasts demand and compares with inventory levels and inbound purchase orders to determine when you need to reorder inventory and how much you need to buy. We email you three times a week to remind you about your highest-priority restock needs.

Use Pricestack's Proven Demand-Forecasting ML

Pricestack uses a deep neural network to analyze seasonality, trends, and momentum of your visitor traffic, conversion rates, and sales, enabling us to accurately predict how much you'll sell over the next ninety days.

WHAT makes pricestack unique

Inventory Management Made Simple

It's never been simpler to keep your products in stock and your customers happy

Restock As Needed

Protect your cash flow by restocking only as needed, just in time

Proven Demand Forecasting

Pricestack Inventory leverages our proven demand forecasting neural network

Save Time & Energy

Focus on your business by using Pricestack to stay on top of inventory needs

Become a Pricing Pro

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