Find more profitable, loyal customers

Pricestack Ads connects to Facebook and optimizes your prospecting audiences and bids to maximize 365-day profit, not 7-day revenue.

Better value-based prospecting audiences

Pricestack creates a value-based lookalike audience for your prospecting campaigns. Unlike competitors, this isn't just an automation. Pricestack uses an entirely new optimization strategy that makes this audience perform better than ever.

Bid for loyalty and profit

Pricestack creates a secondary pixel that sends real-time customer lifetime value uplift data. The result: your bidding earns you more loyal, profitable shoppers.

WHAT makes pricestack unique

Sustainably profitable prospecting

Sustainably find more loyal, profitable customers using Facebook Ads

New Audience & New Bidding

Create campaigns like normal, just use your new audience and bidding pixel.

Keep Your Ad Creatives

Pricestack Ads works wonderfully with your ad creatives and agency.

Easily Boost Shopper Loyalty

Facebook Ads optimizes for this week. Pricestack turns that into this year.

Become a Pricing Pro

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