Improve Margins

Thin Margins?

Many merchants have a difficult time maintaining healthy margins while simultaneously staying competitive. 

Pricestack's AI can be set to optimize retail prices for either revenue, profit, or a combination of the two. We enable you to set prices that drive bottom-line growth and healthy margins while understanding their effects on your demand.


Are Your Products Underpriced?

Merchants often set out to be competitive, yet ultimately sell themselves short and leave money on the table.

Pricestack's AI swiftly and accurately determines whether a product is underpriced. Most merchants are surprised to discover that their customers are willing to pay a premium for their unique products and buying experiences.

Raise Prices Without Raising Prices

Price is more than list price. Pricestack helps merchants attain higher prices without raising list prices. 

Pricestack advises clients to avoid discounting products that have higher optimal prices. Merchants also use Pricestack analytics to set prices of new variants of existing products as well as similar new products.