Drive Demand


Struggling to Grow Sales?

Price is the best tool to instantly drive demand for your products.

Every merchant experiences ups and downs, times of high volume, and times of low volume. Pricestack's AI suggests pricing adjustments to swiftly and effectively achieve your goals in any season and business environment.

Drive Cash Flow

Merchants often need to maintain healthy cash flow, especially during slow seasons or between financings.

Pricestack's optimization goal be set to revenue maximization. This allows merchants to drive revenue growth and maximize cash flow while simultaneously increasing demand for products. 

Launch New Products

For many merchants, new product launches simply need to generate as much revenue as possible. 

This is especially true when a merchant is bringing an entirely new product to market. Once a newly listed SKU has 150 transactions or more, merchants can utilize Pricestack's Price Elasticity Modeling to form a strategy to further increase demand. Or, use an existing SKU's demand data to intelligently price its new variant.