Pricestack vs. Prisync

Let's see how Prysinc stacks up against Pricestack!

Sell more faster
using science

Retailers use Pricestack’s platform to confidently find fair prices and craft more effective promotions, all while improving customer lifetime value.


Prisync is a leading tool in the price monitoring and price matching space. Users can use Prisync to monitor competitor's prices and dynamically price products in order to always stay one step ahead of the competition. Users are also given analytics on where their products fit in the market by price.

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Price Suggestions
the secret sauce
✓  Based on behavorial customer data
✕ Price matching competitors
Time to ROI
move fast to compete
✓ Instant – analyze historical data
✕ Slow – dependent on competitor prices
Cross-Product Demand
product cannibalization
✓ Analyzed & accounted for by our AI
✕ No mention of it
Odds of Human Error Occuring
human error = bad prices
✓ Our AI prevents human error
✕ Very high –  dependent on manual inputs
ROI Guarantee
if you're confident in your tool why not guarantee it?
✓ 10x ROI Guarantee
✕ No guarantee

Sell more faster
using science

Retailers use Pricestack’s platform to confidently find fair prices and craft more effective promotions, all while improving customer lifetime value.

Pricestack vs Prisync: Who is each tool built for?

Price matching is good for one type of ecommerce merchant: drop shippers. If there is nothing differentiated about your products and your store does not have a strong sense of brand identity, you should be price matching. When you sell identical products it can sometimes be useful to have a competitive edge on the only thing that might be able to clearly separate your store from the pack: price.

Pricestack was built for merchants that sell unique and differentiated products and/or have a strong and unique sense of brand image and identify that sets them apart from their competitors. Pricestack is not for dropshippers who sell identical products as their competitors and lack brand identity.

Human Error

Human error is the number one cause of bad prices. Human beings have bias and are emotional. This causes people to make poor pricing and discounting decisions. For example, you may think that your brand is the most premium in your market and you charge the highest prices. However, this is just a thought and it is just a guess. Prisync tells people how cheap or expensive their products are in the market that they are tracking, but what it doesn't do is tell users whether or not their customers agree. But isn't what your customers think all that really matters?

Pricestack takes the guesswork out of it. Our AI not only discovers the optimal prices for your products, but it paints a clear picture of where your brand is in the market in the eyes of your customers. We believe that price is a form of communication between a merchant and their customers. Before Pricestack, our users simply couldn't translate this conversation. With Pricestack, they can hear their customers loud and clear and have the ability to make pricing, discounting and brand decisions accordingly.

The Bottom Line

For merchants who have unique and differentiated products or if you still sell identical products to your competitor but have a strong sense of brand identity, price matching is a lose-lose. Customers view different products sold from different brands differently and this impacts their willingness to pay. There is a time and place for price matching, but if you're looking to beat the competition, you can't copy them. Pricestack's AI suggests optimal prices that improve profitability while maintaining your competitive edge by discovering what your own customers are willing to pay for your products.

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