Reduce Cart Abandonment

Your Checkout Funnel is Leaking Profit

Cart abandonment has surged to unprecedented highs.

Online shoppers are abandoning shopping carts at rates of over 88% in 2020.  When it comes to converting visitors into buyers, Pricestack believes in getting it right the first time. 

Unfortunately, most merchants have resorted to merely chasing after cart abandoners without solving the root problems.


Better Prices → More Buyers

First impressions are important. Most merchants get one shot at converting a visitor.

Pricestack's AI suggests revenue and profit-maximizing prices that satisfy your customers and your bottom line. Optimal prices boost general levels of customer satisfaction, reduce friction in the buying process and convert price-sensitive cart abandoners into loyal customers!

Retargeting Fails to Solve Pricing Problems

There are many reasons why shoppers abandon carts, but the largest one is price.

Retargeting is only effective when merchants:

  1. Have personal information or tracking cookies on abandoners
  2. Send content or display ads that gets clicked
  3. Change abandoners' minds (They didn't buy the first time!)

Pricestack cures cart abandonment before it occurs, not after.