Will Pricestack also work with my Amazon store or other sales channels?

If you want to use Pricestack, but are concerned about optimizing your other sales channels, don't worry! Pricestack users have a variety of options when it comes to cross-channel optimization.

Option 1: Use DTC data to optimize price and discount strategy across all of your sales channels.

Option 2: Send historical sales data from all of your sales channels to Pricestack and optimize each sales channel individually.

Option 3: Price differently on your DTC site than you do on your other sales channels. Pricestack's AI will adjust to consumers who cross shop your products cross channel to ensure that your DTC store remains competitive with your other sales channels.

The option that is right for your store might be unclear right now, and that's ok! Pricestack offers a variety of services and consulting packages to make sure that you're brand is set up for success! Contact support@pricestack.com to learn more.