Does Pricestack offer pricing matching software or track competition?

Pricestack does not believe in price matching. The reason? Competition is implied in customer behavior. Pricestack's AI will detect if and when your customers think that your prices are not longer competitive enough in order to buy from you.

We believe that price is a form of communication between a merchant and their customers.

For example, when customers begin to convert at lower prices following a price increase (all else equal), the customers who didn't convert are communicating with the merchant. They are saying that the particular product in question is priced too high for them. Alternatively, when conversion rates rise at lower prices, customers are communicating that the current (new) prices is very favorable to them. This would suggest that the old price was simply too high.

When merchant's match competitors' prices they are ignoring their own originality. Every ecommerce merchant is unique. Some merchants sell unique, proprietary, and differentiated products. Some merchants are unique because of their UX, customer service, or generous return policy. Whatever it may be, no two ecommerce merchants are the same. Because of this, it causes customers to view a store and its products differently than a competitor's store and their products. This may cause a customer to have a different willingness to pay for similar to even the same products across different sites. In other words, embrace your uniqueness!

In other words, price matching is a lose-lose for both you and your competitors. Pricing wars and the "rat race" of competition largely ignores the fact that your unique features have the potential to improve profitability.