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Understand Your Customers

Pricestack empowers you to optimize your prices and better serve your customers in the everchanging world.

Pricestack is the most powerful solution for controlling demand, managing inventory, reducing shopping cart abandonment, and creating positive customer experiences using AI-powered behavioral pricing optimization built for ecommerce.

Simple to Use – Yet Wildly Powerful

Our AI analyzes large amounts of ecommerce and retail data, cuts through noise, seasonality, and trends, and reveals optimal prices.

We provide seemingly simple price analytics and recommend optimal prices. Yet, behind the scenes, Pricestack is powered by a proprietary system of economic models and cutting-edge recurrent neural networks. We internally leverage sophisticated forecasting and what-if analysis techniques to calculate both price elasticity of demand and cross-product price elasticity. This makes our results extremely accurate, yet simple to interpret.

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Built for High-Growth & Enterprise Brands

Infinitely Scalable Value

Pricestack transforms your financials, consistently generating double-digit revenue or profit uplift. In fact, the larger your ecommerce store and the more data you have, the more uplift Pricestack generates.

Pricestack provides a scalable return on investment. We are not merely a time-saving solution; rather, we directly influence your shopper demand and profitability. We help high-growth merchants generate cash flow to reinvest in marketing, and we help publicly traded enterprise merchants exceed their wildest expectations.

Ecommerce Pricing Management Platform

Pricestack enables efficient pricing management across functional departments: merchandising, finance, operations, and executives alike use Pricestack to optimize prices, manage inventory, and track performance. 

From role-based user interface views and permissions, to multichannel price deployment, to inventory-aware optimization, Pricestack is the unified solution to perfect and manage your prices.

Optimize Sales, Discounts, & New Products

Merchants often want to keep a product's list price static. Pricestack empowers merchants to optimize prices using discounted sale prices, or by applying optimal price suggestions to new variations of existing products.

For a variety of reasons, prices are often considered static. Although we encourage dynamic pricing, it is not a requirement for using Pricestack. Rather, many merchants use Pricestack to optimize their seasonal and BFCM sales. And, when you update products or add new variations, you can price them using the optimal price suggestion of the existing products – a retail industry best practice.

Consulting & Services

In addition to a powerful ecommerce pricing optimization and management platform, Pricestack offers professional pricing consulting and management services.

Pricestack provides individualized service with our in-house teams for integrations, training, success, and professional services. We empower our clients to handle pricing internally, with our expert guidance, or with Pricestack as a full-service partner. 

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